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Harrison Assessments' product brochures are designed to provide specific information about the features, advantages and benefits of our solutions and technologies. Download and print our product information sheets to take to your next meeting.

Harrison Assessments Overview
Harrison Assessments Overview
Select the best, develop the best, retain the best
Talent Management Overview
Talent Management Overview
Solutions for the entire talent life cycle.
Leadership Competencies
Leadership Competencies
Paradox Leadership Competencies provide actionable insight into the Adaptive Capacity that is essential for an organization to succeed.
Smart Questionnaire
The most accurate assessment in the world measures 175 workplace factors in just 25 minutes to provide unrivalled insight into individual's behavioral preferences.
Talent Acquisition Solutions
Talent Acquisition
Empowers companies to hire better people faster and less expensively.
Talent Development Solutions
Talent Development
Empowers companies to build a competitive edge through talent development.
Employee Engagement Solutions
Employee Engagement
Enables companies to reach their potential for enhanced engagement with employees.
Succession Planning Solutions
Succession Planning
Helps companies manage their talent pool with integrated career and succession planning.
Paradox Technology
Paradox Technology
Our signature technology provides the most accurate, complete and reliable picture of behavioral tendencies and stress responses.
Job Success Formulas
Job Success Formulas
Job specific algorithms derived from over 30 years of research. Select from our library of 6500 JSF or customize to your own requirements.
Quantitative Critical Thinking
Quantitative Critical Thinking (QCT)
Provides a quick and efficient means to identify cognitive ability sufficient of the job.
Enjoyment Performance Methodology
This core underpinning theory considers behavioral preferences, interests and work environmental preferences to understand job fit and intrinsic motivation.
Performance Benchmarking
Performance Benchmarking
Use your own organization's behavioral and performance data to custom build the most accurate Job Success Formulas in the world.
Team Development
Use data to strategically build and maintain high performing teams. Understand the group dynamics and enhance cohesion.
Organizational Competency Analysis
Organizational Analytics
This essential discovery tool uses interactive dashboards to visualize your organization's group data across Engagement, Behavioral Competencies and Paradox frameworks.
Remote Workforce Analytics
Remote Work Analysis
Easily adapt to the new work environment by measuring, understanding and coaching your employee's and manager's ability to work remotely.
Career Navigation
Career Navigation
Use our predictive analytics to help you find and secure your ideal career from 700+ career options.
Accreditation Training
Accreditation Training
Harrison Accreditation Training ensures a deep understanding of the data that drives organizational, team and individual performance.
Unlimited Monthly Screening
Unlimited Monthly Screening
Easily screen large numbers of applicants for customized job success factors using AI predictive recruitment.
Professional Coaching
Professional Coaches
Transform your client outcomes and build your coaching business with the world's most advanced behavioral talent analytics.
Executive Team Analysis
Executive Team Analysis
Building and developing high performing Executive Leadership Teams is essential to organizational success.
Sales Behavioral Competencies
Sales Behavioural Competencies
Identify and measure the twelve essential behaviours and qualities of high-performing salespeople. Includes Overview and detailed breakdowns of each competency.

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